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Burnett Dairy Pizza Kitchen Now Open for Business

Pizza Kitchen in Grantsburg

Local cheese lovers and pizza enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as Burnett Dairy unveils its latest venture. The newly acquired establishment, formerly known as "The Den," nestled adjacent to Grantsburg Fitness & Performance and Grantsburg Inn, will now operate as the Pizza Kitchen for Burnett Dairy. Featuring a quaint retail space catering exclusively to the local community, it will showcase a curated selection of their acclaimed cheeses, and take-n-bake pizzas, and host a dedicated production area for their latest venture into wholesale frozen pizzas.


"We are excited to create this space for our local community," remarked Matt Winsand, CEO of Burnett Dairy Cooperative. "Our retail store will provide a convenient destination for locals to access our cheese and pizza. It will also expand the production of our take-n-bake pizzas and our new frozen pizza line."


Emphasizing its commitment to serving the local populace and eschewing tourist attention, the retail store will adopt a discreet profile devoid of external signage. Inside, patrons can indulge in an array of cheese, gifts, pizzas, ice cream to-go, and delectable treats. "Our operating hours will be Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm," added Jamie Swan, VP of Retail Operations.


In addition to the retail arm, the Grantsburg facility will debut a cutting-edge pizza production line tailored to meet the needs of bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores that offer frozen pizza options. "We've observed a demand for high-quality frozen pizzas alongside the existing popularity of our take-n-bake offerings," noted Vince Nelson, Pizza Kitchen Manager. "Our new production line will ensure we meet these demands and continue serving our loyal customer base."


Further enhancing its allure, the space will double as a Research and Development Kitchen, featuring three industrial ovens where pizza operators can collaborate with Burnett Dairy's esteemed Fancy Brand and Patria cheese varieties. While the retail space won't include a bistro, customers can anticipate an expansive range of cheese options, as well as convenient take-n-bake and frozen pizzas.