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Indulge in the ultimate brunch delight with our Easy Egg Bites, 2 Ways! Elevate your morning spread with the rich flavors of Wood River Creamery Herbes de Provence and Cady Creek Farms Rosemary Gouda cheeses.

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Egg Bites

With a festive crosshatch pattern on top, this ultimate cheese bread is an impressive appetizer, starter or brunch side when serving a crowd.

Roasted red peppers, chives, lemon, garlic, and flaky pastry come together in these cheesy bites that bake in just 15 minutes.

Prepared with store-bought pizza dough, this fun, and classic pizza–inspired recipe will appeal to kids and adults alike.

Loaded with fresh chives and creamy cheese, this crowd-pleasing vegetarian appetizer will be a hit at any brunch or get-together.

These chorizo- and cheese-stuffed mini peppers make an irresistible appetizer that will get any party started.

With meaty mushrooms, this satisfying and versatile bruschetta with Black Truffle Cheese can be served as an appetizer, starter, side dish, or brunch dish.

These savory pastry puffs with a creamy, cheesy filling spiked with citrus and chives make an impressive brunch addition that will please any crowd.



Skip the syrup and try these savory hashbrown waffles, topped with poached eggs.

Cheesy Hashbrown Waffles with Poached Eggs
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